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Our Blog.  An informal look at upcoming products, services and regulations to aid our customers, regularly updated. We will cover issues of health and safety, installations and choice of appliances.

Feature Walls & Media Walls


Here at Stonehouse Fireplaces, we design and build custom Feature walls and Media walls. Below are some examples of the designs that we have carried out.   Fireplace feature walls…

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12 Uses For Wood Burner Ashes


12 Uses for Fireplace Ashes That Are Suitable for Your Home. Instead of discarding wood burner ashes, use them in one of these clever ways around your home and garden.…

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Why should you avoid slumbering your stove?


(Taken from the HETAS Advice Hub) It can lead to: 🔴 Sooty and/or dry deposits on the flue lining 🔴 Increased levels of carbon monoxide and particulates 🔴 Increased likelihood…

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Choose a fire that suits you in 5 steps


WHICH FIRE OR STOVE SUITS ME? CHOOSING YOUR FIRE IN 5 STEPS (Courtesy of #DRUFires) It is not easy to choose a stove or fire. Will you go for a…

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Burning Wood This Winter?


With soaring gas and electric prices now a certainty, more and more people will be switching to wood burners this winter so here are some tips to keep the home…

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Damp on your chimney?


Across the UK, millions of chimneys are now currently lying dormant. The reduction of solid fuel as a primary heat source means the majority of flues in homes aren’t used…

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Particulate Matter Levels


The Stove Industry Alliance (SIA) show how cooking meat or making a fried breakfast gives off more Particulate Matter (PM) than using a modern wood burning stove! A literature review…

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Solid Fuel Do’s & Don’ts


Do bring the stove to operating temperature quickly and try to keep it there for a cleaner, more efficient burn. Use dry wood – seasoned or kiln dried with 20%…

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Why Should I Get A Wood Burner?


There are several benefits to having a wood-burning stove in your home, both as a centrepiece and as an essential source of heat.  In fact, it is reported that as…

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Wood Burning Stove Maintenance


HOW DO I MAINTAIN MY WOOD BURNING STOVE? Wood-burning stoves and fires require relatively limited maintenance. With a good installation, few problems are to be expected. However, good maintenance is…

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Liberty 85 Freestanding Electric Fire


LIBERTY 85. EXPRESS YOURSELF. Designed to make a statement, the Gazco Liberty 85 Freestanding Electric Fire combines bold design language, advanced technologies, and a range of customisable options. The result?…

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New Gazco Onyx Stove


Gazco have announced the introduction of a brand new gas stove for their Onyx range of appliances - The Gazco Onyx Liv 3 Stove.  Onyx Liv 3 gas stoves combine…

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Choosing a Wood Burning Stove


Are wood burning stoves a good choice? Unlike coal, gas or oil, wood is a renewable resource. Over the course of its life, a tree consumes the same amount of…

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Carbon Monoxide


Carbon Monoxide | The Silent Killer Carbon Monoxide (CO) is an extremely poisonous gas that can be present in the fumes from the combustion of fuels which aren’t burnt under…

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The New Stovax Futura 5 Stove


Introducing the Stovax Futura 5  wood burning and multi-fuel stove range.   This all-new Ecodesign stove offers plentiful fireside ambience and spectacular flame views thanks to its wide viewing window,…

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Dik Geurts Soren Stove


NEW - A brand new stove.  The Dik Geurts Soren Stove. A sturdy look with clean lines and lots of fire visibility. The cast-iron door, with stylish door handle and…

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