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Feature Walls & Media Walls

Here at Stonehouse Fireplaces, we design and build custom Feature walls and Media walls. Below are some examples of the designs that we have carried out.


Fireplace feature walls & media walls are a great way to not just update a home’s look, but to add some practical usefulness to a room. They’re the perfect marriage of style and functionality.

Fireplace feature walls create a home showpiece!

A fireplace changes the look and feel of any room. Along with the cosy warmth it provides, the look of the flames also add an appealing aesthetic that livens up a space.

Surrounding that fireplace with a stylish feature wall only enhances its attributes. Feature walls can elevate a room’s dull design by adding a different aesthetic in one part of the room. When done right, this design choice won’t clash with your existing décor, it will complement and harmonise with it.

Fireplace feature walls can be more than just the focal point of a room, too. In the hands of a skilled designer, a fireplace feature wall can become a stunning home showpiece.

Most of use would envisage a feature wall as something best suited for the living room or family room. But because fireplace feature walls and media walls are able to be designed in a wide variety of layouts and sizes, they can be added to a number of different rooms. Highlighting a wall in either a big or small way with a beautiful fireplace feature wall is one way to take your room’s look to the next level.

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We create stunning centrepieces that can have electric, gas or solid fuel appliances incorporated.   These can be single sided, double sided, corner or triple sided.

We can create the area for the TV, soundbar and any peripherals, such as a Sky box, and build this to your own specifications.  All cables and power supplies will be concealed and we can even create additional storage spaces with LED lighting if required.

Our own factory can manufacture tops and backs in Marble or Dekton for added effect.  Call or e-mail us for a FREE home survey here.


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