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Installation Guide

Be ready for your installation from Stonehouse Fireplaces with our easy-to-follow comprehensive Installation Guide


  • All our installations require a survey prior to the costings being confirmed. This is a totally free service that we offer and they are normally completed within 10 working days of confirmation of the customer order.
  • Where we can guarantee arrival dates for appliances and ancillaries, you will be allocated an installation date upon receipt of your 50% deposit. The remainder of your balance is due 7 days prior to the installation date. On the day, our team will arrive between 9.00 and 10.00am, unless otherwise advised, and they will have all the items ordered/required.

  • We insist on sweeping all brick-built chimneys for gas, electric and solid fuel installations to ensure there is no risk of a soot fall or blockage when the installation begins. If possible, where there is access, this will be completed prior to the installation date. If there is none, or limited access, the sweep will arrive on the day of the installation. Our sweep is NACS and HETAS registered.

  • Carpets should be rolled back to allow access to the work zone. Our engineers do not cut or lay carpets or flooring. In the event that the carpet or flooring is not to be retained, then there is no requirement to roll back and our installers will cut out for the area required. If you are changing your flooring, please ensure you have a sample of the new flooring (carpet, timber or tile) and any associated underlay/membrane available at your home for the day of installation. If a sample is not provided, we cannot accept responsibility if there are any issues caused by the height that the hearth has been set at.

  • Where possible, all wallpaper in the vicinity of the work zone should be removed and any decorating should be completed AFTER the installation.

NB: Stonehouse Fireplaces do not undertake any decoration. All plastered surfaces should be left to dry completely prior to preparing properly for decorating.

  • Please note that due to the nature of our installations, particularly when we are breaking into chimneys/wall to creating chambers and opening, excessive dust can be created. We would therefore recommend that any furniture, ornaments, flooring and particularly valuables and electrical goods etc. should be removed or covered by you prior to the start of our works, to ensure they are protected from any dust that will settle. It is the responsibility of the customer to decide what should be covered or removed in preparation for our installation.

  • Whilst our engineers will clean up after their works are completed, please note that dust can take several days to fully settle. You may therefore need to clean the area after we have left site.

  • If a cherry picker or scaffolding is required for access to elevated areas or high stacks, this would need to be arranged by yourselves and be in place on the installation date. The installation cannot be completed if they are not available on the day.

  • The removal of waste is the responsibility of the customer and the cost is not included in any quotation. Stonehouse Fireplaces do not carry a Trade Waste Licence. Our installation teams will bag and stack any waste and place it wherever directed by the customer. You may choose to hire a skip (Wetherby Skip Services 01937 845278) or, if just a small amount, either contact our Waste Disposal experts (Loadsarubbish Harrogate 01423 521370) or take it to the local Waste & Recycling Centre.

  • All our natural materials, such as stone, granite, marble, limestone, wood, etc, have natural variations such as veining, indentation, graining and fossilisation. This unique feature is part of the charm of natural products and not a defect. Products will not be exchanged for reasons arising from their natural defects.
  • The installation teams do not replace or refit skirting, coving or dado rails, unless specified in the quotation, although care will be taken in removing them if they are to be used again after the installation. It should be noted that we cannot guarantee the removal intact.
  • Our installation team will make good the area where they have worked and apply a plaster finish where required. Should a customer require more work, for example, a full chimney breast plastering, this should be advised to the surveyor or showroom specialist dealing with the order as additional costs will be incurred.
  • We require the TV, sound bar, flat to wall bracket and any other cables, such as HDMI (5mtrs length), to be available on the day of installation for all media walls and feature walls.

  • Particularly in the case of solid fuel installations, but recommended for all gas installations too, a Carbon Monoxide detector is required to be placed in the same room as the new appliance prior to completion of the installation. This is normally applied to our quotation.

  • Whilst carrying out the survey, if the chimney stack is found to be defective, i.e. bowing or has loose flaunching, a builder would be required to correct the stack prior to our installation. The installation cannot proceed for reasons of safety unless this is completed.
  • Whilst every effort is made to include all costs, we are not able to foresee all eventualities and sometimes additional work is required outside of our expectations. This could include safety factors such as electric points or the electrical supply, damp issues, unsound brick work or plaster found during the installation and any re-decoration. NB: This list is not exhaustive.
  • Should you wish to retain your existing fire/fireplace to pass onto someone else, please advise your installation team upon arrival before they begin the removal. They will attempt to remove the item with care but it should be noted that some materials, especially marble and limestone, require the shelf removing first to access the straps holding the fireplace in situ, and it is possible the shelf could break when attempting to remove. Neither Stonehouse Fireplaces or its installation teams can be held responsible.
  • Where Parking Permits are required for the area, please have these available on the day of the installation for our vehicles. Driveways should be clear of any obstructions to allow access for the team and space for cutting, ladders, etc.
  • In the event of any adverse weather conditions, particularly high winds, snow and ice, the installation may have to be postponed for Health and Safety reasons and rescheduled to a later date. In these circumstances, Stonehouse Fireplaces cannot be held liable for not meeting the original date specified.

  • If a member of the allocated installation team becomes ill, has a family emergency, requires dependent care leave or has to self-isolate, and Stonehouse Fireplaces are unable to provide alternate cover, then the install may have to be rescheduled. This would also include any unavoidable technical problem outside the realm of Stonehouse Fireplaces. Again, Stonehouse Fireplaces cannot be held liable for not meeting the original date specified.

  • Installation dates are all subject to receipt of all the goods from our manufacturers and suppliers. If the goods are delayed for any reason, Stonehouse Fireplaces cannot be held responsible if an installation date needs to be altered.

  • In some circumstances, it may well be that the customer has to postpone the installation date. We simply request that you advise us at the earliest opportunity so we can accommodate you better with a revised installation date. Where a customer cancels a scheduled installation with less than 3 days notice, Stonehouse Fireplaces reserve the right to charge a late cancellation fee/abortive install charge of £450.
  • We ask that the customer remain at the property on the installation date so that any issues or concerns that you may have, can be raised with the installers and likewise if they have any questions for you.

  • All installations are registered with the appropriate bodies i.e. HETAS, Gas Safe and the Local Building Authority.

  • Gas and Solid fuel appliances should be serviced annually by the appropriately qualified engineers, i.e. HETAS, NACS or Gas Safe. When burning solid fuel, either smokeless or wood, the flue should be swept at least once a year. Please refer to your appliance user manual for details of any specific warranty requirements

  • Do not burn construction timber, painted, impregnated / treated wood, manufactured board products or pallet wood. Burn only anthracite or manufactured briquette smokeless fuels listed as suitable for use with closed heating appliances. Do not burn bituminous coal, ‘petro-coke’ or other petroleum based fuels as this will invalidate the product guarantee.

  • Where Log starter kits for stoves are issued, these will be ordered and supplied direct from Goodechip after the installation has been completed. They will contact you to arrange the delivery.

  • Should you have any questions regarding the installation, please contact one of our staff members using the contact details.

  • Full details of our Terms and Conditions here.