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Liberty 85 Freestanding Electric Fire

Designed to make a statement, the Gazco Liberty 85 Freestanding Electric Fire combines bold design language, advanced technologies, and a range of customisable options. The result? A mesmerising focal point that can be styled to your interior. 

YOUR FIRE,Gazco Liberty 85 Electric Fire YOUR WAY

Two sophisticated finishes along with a selection of mounting options give you the freedom to choose the Liberty 85’s look. Choose from either black or white front finishes, along with matching Plinth and Bench mounts to elevate your freestanding electric fire.


Showcased by the Liberty 85’s expansive landscape viewing window, a choice of vivid flame visuals are projected to appear amongst this electric fire’s fuel bed for a deep, three-dimensional display. Flames can be set to natural amber, striking blue or even a combination of the two.


The Liberty 85’s Chromalight up-lighting illuminates the fuel effects from below, providing relaxing ambience. Choose amber lighting for an authentic glowing ember bed or opt for one of many other atmospheric colour choices depending on your mood.

Gazco Liberty 85 Electric FireCUSTOMISE THE FUEL BED
A varied selection of fuel effects transform the Liberty 85 electric fire’s look and feel. Highly realistic logs with clear and grey pebbles offer a natural fire aesthetic, especially when lit from below with the amber fuel bed lighting. Alternatively, a set of Crystal-ice effects can be used to create a more contemporary display.


The Liberty 85 Freestanding Electric Fire features a programmable thermostatic heating system. Set the temperature you require and the thermostat will manage the heat output for you. The flame effects and ember bed up-lighting can be enjoyed with or without the heat for all year round enjoyment.

A programmable thermostatic handset provides full control over this electric fire’s array of visual and heating features. Flames, fuel bed lighting and heating can all be adjusted independently to create the desired atmosphere from the comfort of the sofa.

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