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Why Should I Get A Wood Burner?

There are several benefits to having a wood-burning stove in your home, both as a centrepiece and as an essential source of heat.  In fact, it is reported that as many as 8% of UK households use their indoor appliances, with that number growing fast. If you didn’t own a wood burner in 2021, then that lingering cold frost or those hiked gas or electricity bills might spur you on to buy one this year!

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Here are some of the benefits of getting a wood a burner in 2022


1. Reduce Your Heating Bills

Turning up the radiators isn’t necessary when you’ve got an efficient stove in its place. When you spend most of your time in the area where your appliance is situated, you can turn off the heating completely throughout certain periods of the day. As a result, you’ll be saving energy – and therefore money! This also means you’ll prevent the need for any expensive boiler repairs that can occur when the heating system is overworked – so you’ll only be paying for those yearly sweeps and check-ups. What’s more, gas and electricity bills are going to increase this year as demand for fuel increases, so it’s time to think ahead.

2. Bring Back the Art of Building a Fire
Long ago, fires were the main source of energy for everyone. What was once a simple and essential part of people’s daily routine is now seen as too time-consuming and holds less importance in the modern household. If you’re the type of person who likes to slow down and enjoy the simple pleasures in life, owning and tending to a log burner is a rewarding routine. Selecting your logs and building the fire, piece by piece, can be a meaningful and satisfying experience – one that you can share with others too. Plus, wood burning stoves don’t require daily cleaning!

3. Controllable Supply
No one can predict or control a power cut – even with gas central heating the boiler itself relies on electricity to operate. But as long as you’re stocked up on wood, you’ll have a backup source to provide you with both warmth and light. Firewood can be bought in bulk and stored away in the warmer months until you’re ready to use it, giving you control over your supply. You may not have the power supply, but you can still have the power! 

4. Better Alternative to Coal-fired Electricity
Wood-burners are highly efficient and use up less energy to produce the same heat as your radiator. They also have a lower carbon output; much less energy is needed to harvest wood in comparison to mining deep for fossil fuels like coal, which powers roughly a third of the UK electricity supply. Trees are replanted through responsible forest management, to replace those removed and to reabsorb CO2.

Regulations are also put in place in built-up areas of the UK to reduce air pollution.  DEFRA-approved appliances and a list of approved fuels are mandatory for smoke control areas to ensure air quality is maintained. High quality built 2022 Ecodesign stoves and the “Ready to Burn” scheme also help to decrease emissions produced by a vast amount.

5. Many Fuel Options
Did you think a stove was only good for burning firewood? Think again! Multi fuel stoves offer more flexibility in the home, allowing you to switch to briquettes, wood pellets and other smokeless fuels. Using Eco logs has long been an economical choice that originated in the North of England, that made use of wood waste which would otherwise be disposed of. Provided that you purchase the correct fuel to match your appliance, there are many choices out there to ensure you can find the fuel that works best for you.

6. Turn Your House Into a Home
Homes provide you with a safe space to settle into, and sitting near a steady, mesmerising flame is the ultimate comforter when the night is closing in. University studies have also shown that the sight and sounds of a fire massively reduce blood pressure and improve people’s wellbeing, as it relates to people’s safety and communal needs being met when sitting by the fire during prehistoric times. Anyone who already owns and uses their wood burner will tell you – there’s nothing more welcoming!

7. Property Value Increases
Perhaps you’d love to own a wood burner but aren’t the type to stay in one place for long. No matter – even if you sell up and move out, purchasing a wood burner is a worthwhile investment, increasing the value of your house by anything between 5% and 12%. More and more house buyers are seeking the cosy cottage aesthetics and the financial benefits of a wood burner, so properties with wood burners are therefore in demand. Before installing one, consider all the costs, especially if your house needs a chimney built, before deciding whether the return will be worth the initial cost.

Once you’ve made your decision, you’ll have the privilege of choosing the right wood fuel. We recommend starting with Birch or Ash logs for an easier fire building experience.

(Thanks to White Horse Energy)



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